SUP & Kayak Rentals

SUP’s and Kayak Rental

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There is nothing better than sneaking away for a while and spending the day in and above the blue waters of Isla Carenero.

You can enjoy the ocean around the island on Kayaks or try one of the newest trends and circle the island on a Stand Up Paddle Board.

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Don’t forget your snorkel gear, this way you can take a break and explore the colorful reefs and some spectacular marine life when paddling around.

You could even paddle to the neighbor island Isla Solarte for more reefs and great spots for swimming and snorkeling.

With the SUP’s you can either glide through the tranquil waters or seeks some adrenaline when riding the long waves of the surf spots nearby.

Either way, we bet you will have a lot of fun when spending the day on the clear blue waters of the Caribbean side of Panama.

We have two single and two double Kayaks for rent and soon you will also be able to rent Stand Up Paddle Boards.

Just ask at the reception and we give you tips on where to go and what to explore in the water.

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