Isla Bastimentos

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Bastimentos itself is the bigger islands and there are so many things to do and to see.

We can help you to arrange a trip to the National park of Red Frog. Here you can hang out at the large beach, swim or boogie board i n the ocean, play beach volleyball or enjoy a cold beer in the restaurant.

If you like it more adventurous take the challenge try their Zip Lining Park or explore the mysterious bat cave with a local guide.

There is also an organic farm and some indigenous villages on this prestige island, if you were interested in getting to know more about Bocas’ History and Culture.

Besides, you find some remote and untouched beaches for surfing and relaxing on the both part of the island. Definitely worth exploring are also the underwater caves of Polo Beach when diving or snorkeling.

The caves form a spectacular underwater scenery full of aquatic life and are often the highlight when visiting Isla Bastimientos.