Green Up

Here at Gran Kahuna we are highly interested in promoting green living practices and having a low impact on our environment. For this reason you will find a huge garden behind our hostel with different plants and flowers and also fresh herbs for cooking. The garden is a green oasis to escape, hang out and enjoy being outside in the nature.

The garden also provides many vegetables such as tomatoes and greens. Flowers and orchids are grown and used throughout the hostel as decoration, all placed into recycled containers. In fact, much of our décor is made of repurposed items: wine bottles, tires, wood kayaks and many more.

Our environmentalism plans include incorporating compost, rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling to make this hostel as green as possible.

Even though we are still on-the-grid (using the city’s electricity), our goal is to explore and promote eco-friendly practices.


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We grow chickens in our garden in orden for our guest to have fresh eggs each morning and for preparing famous Panamanian Sancocho soup

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Here at Gran Kahuna we separate our waste, guests help out by depositing trash in pre-sorted bins, which makes it easier to compost and recycle.

Besides we encourage guests to conserve water and electricity during their stay. If you like gardening and recycling and want to learn more about green practices make sure to come for a visit.
We recognize the fragile ecosystem of the archipelago and want to play a big part in protecting and preserving the unique diversity of Bocas del Toro for us and future generations.