Diving and Snorkeling

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Bocas del Toro is part of the La Amistad area and therewith recognized worldwide for its biological diversity. Part of this diversity can be explored when diving along the endless reefs around the islands.

The warm, calm water and the natural beauty that Bocas’ underwater has to offer makes the Archipelago a great place to learn how to dive or simply relax when joining a fun dive.

Bocas is famous for its variety of different sponges and starfish. Usually you meet schools of jack fish when hovering along the reefs, there you can see a lot of parrot fish, groupers and snappers swimming around and if you take a good look you can also spot some smaller ocean dwellers like nudies, crabs, shrimp, seahorses, blennies and more hiding in the corals.

If you lucky you might even see reef- or nurse sharks lying on the sandy bottom of the ocean or observe a school of sting – or eagle rays cruising around you. Besides you often get the chance to descry big eels and moraines looking out from their cranny, or spot a toad or frog fish hiding under the stones.

If you want to plan your dive course or simply need a guide to lead you along the colorful reefs we are very happy to help you organize your dive trip with one of the renowned diving schools resident in Bocas del Toro.